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Link Building

  Link Building Strategies Link building is very important for your photography business. It is likely that you already have a blog or website that you want to appear on the first page of search engine result. Before delving into how to begin building links to aid you to out rank competitors, it is vital to tackle the subject of link building more accurately. A lot of link building … [Continue Reading]


Understanding Natural Light

Three basic qualities of light. Natural light, the job of a landscape photographer is to record a scene. Yet, photographers often fail to capture what it felt like to be actually at a scene. A good landscape photographer arrives at a scene early, and waits for the scene to unfold. Waiting patiently for changing colours and changing mood, which all go along with the change of the … [Continue Reading]


Always back up!

Never lose your work No matter how safe you think your workflow is, it can likely stand to be a little bit safer. Find out what YOU can do to ensure that you never lose your work again. You’ve heard it over and over, and over and over, and over and over……..regardless of how often it’s said, it will always hold true and never ring truer than when your data is lost. It doesn’t matter if … [Continue Reading]


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