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JPG Compression

  JPG Compression I've heard a lot of confusing stuff about JPGs. Some people tell me they're perfect for online photography, and other people warn me that when I convert my pictures to JPG, i'm going to throw away most of the quality of my picture! I don't want to ruin my pictures, so should I be using JPG?" Throw out information There's a grain of truth in both sides of this … [Continue Reading]


The need For a Website

Websites build your professional reputation! In recent times, a lot of activities now depend on the internet. Today, advertising or marketing is carried out through the internet as a means of promoting myriads of products and services. For this reason the functionality and look of your website has to be perfect and attractive as this will play a major role in sending visitors to your … [Continue Reading]


Being Flexible With Your Photography

Bad Weather, Good Light We've all sat, staring out of our window and cursing at the rain poring down or the flat, grey sky that just happened to cloud over on few hours we've managed to set aside in our busy schedule to head out and shoot some photos. But all is not lost for the opportunistic and well prepared photographer. Be Patient After many rainfalls or storms, comes a spectacular … [Continue Reading]


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