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Colors of Nature

  Being a part. Nature photography is all, more or less, going out there and being a part of the natural world. When doing photography of nature it is useful to completely plunge yourself in what you are doing. To do that, you have to observe the techniques that are needful to systematically turn out with quality images & explore the locations that will attract the viewer most, the … [Continue Reading]


Photography Basics – Learn to Look.

Photography a Passion Photography has been an integral part of my life for more than 45 years. I started in 1969 as an amateur and have been a professional photographer with my own studio since 1988. In 1998 I became a professional sports photographer for 6 years before focusing solely on nature and landscape photography. I have practiced many photographic disciplines, such as portrait … [Continue Reading]

Seaviews sunset

The Art of Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography For those who are doing their first landscape shot, you may be disappointed when the prints don’t look as professional as other photographers. You will want to wonder what is going wrong, however, you will find that all photographers ask themselves the same question at some point in time. You can’t redo a lot of changing when it comes to the scenery. You will also find that … [Continue Reading]


Photography Insights

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