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Embrace Black and White Photography

Inspiring Black and white photography has been a formidable force in the artistic realm for many years. This art form is nothing short of inspiring, ranging from all different subjects and genres. If you have an eye for detail you have a distinct appreciation for black and white photography. Many people consider this approach to taking pictures to be extremely challenging. It takes a talented … [Continue Reading]


Photography Inspiration

Getting Your Groove Back. Creative photography may be the most demanding of them all. That is because unlike commercial photography, your boss is your creative imagination and the artistic marketplace. And who knows from one week to the next what is considered artistic and what isn't. An expression of your art It isn't just poetic license that we are using when we talk about you following … [Continue Reading]


Rule of Thirds

Rule of Photograph When it comes to the most beneficial rule of composition is to keep in mind that there is a rule of thirds. This will be helpful to the professionals and amateurs. You will find that there rule of the thirds will help you to get your composition set up. It is not difficult to learn or even use. You will always want to keep the rule in mind so that you can see a drastic … [Continue Reading]


Photography Insights

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