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Time Exposure

  The Beauty of Time Exposure One of the finest applications in photography is the creation of a time exposure. A time recording is the light exposure of the subject during a certain period of time, often several seconds, which can result in particularly surprising effects. Usually, people only use time recording when the light is insufficient to make camera images without using a … [Continue Reading]


Understanding Natural Light

Three basic qualities of light. Natural light, the job of a landscape photographer is to record a scene. Yet, photographers often fail to capture what it felt like to be actually at a scene. A good landscape photographer arrives at a scene early, and waits for the scene to unfold. Waiting patiently for changing colours and changing mood, which all go along with the change of the … [Continue Reading]


JPG Compression

  JPG Compression I've heard a lot of confusing stuff about JPGs. Some people tell me they're perfect for online photography, and other people warn me that when I convert my pictures to JPG, i'm going to throw away most of the quality of my picture! I don't want to ruin my pictures, so should I be using JPG?" Throw out information There's a grain of truth in both sides of this … [Continue Reading]


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