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Open aperture,selective sharpness

Depth of Field

Depth of Field, Appropriate use of it Depth of field is the limitation of perceived sharpness within a photographic image. The greater the depth of field, the more of the image from front to back that appears sharp. An image that is said to have a shallow depth of filed has a short and more specific depth of sharpness. Selective sharpness In photography, careful use of depth of field can be a … [Continue Reading]


JPG Compression

  JPG Compression I've heard a lot of confusing stuff about JPGs. Some people tell me they're perfect for online photography, and other people warn me that when I convert my pictures to JPG, i'm going to throw away most of the quality of my picture! I don't want to ruin my pictures, so should I be using JPG?" Throw out information There's a grain of truth in both sides of this … [Continue Reading]


White Balance and Sharpening

White Balance Most people don't realize what difference light sources make in photography until they see the results--and then wonder why the picture looks absolutely nothing like what they remember pointing the camera at. Light has color Light of various temperatures is associated with a temperature in Kelvin. For example, a candle is about 1500 K, a standard light bulb about 3400 K, and … [Continue Reading]


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