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Image Editing 1

Image Editing Before digital photography came along, and people photographed only on film, besides knowledge of light exposure of the film material, one also had to understand the different properties of this material. One also had to know the operation and application possibilities of the various types of photo paper. When people made their own prints, they also needed to have … [Continue Reading]


Image Editing 2

Maximum Image Quality ( This is the continuation of Image Editing. Click here if you want to read Image Editing 1 first) Personally, I prefer to work solely with RGB format and apply this in the entire editing process, and I recommend you to do the same. The advantage of this is that for both professional photographic prints as well as for publications in printed media, the right format is … [Continue Reading]


Time Exposure

  The Beauty of Time Exposure One of the finest applications in photography is the creation of a time exposure. A time recording is the light exposure of the subject during a certain period of time, often several seconds, which can result in particularly surprising effects. Usually, people only use time recording when the light is insufficient to make camera images without using a … [Continue Reading]


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