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Open aperture,selective sharpness

Depth of Field

Depth of Field, Appropriate use of it Depth of field is the limitation of perceived sharpness within a photographic image. The greater the depth of field, the more of the image from front to back that appears sharp. An image that is said to have a shallow depth of filed has a short and more specific depth of sharpness. Selective sharpness In photography, careful use of depth of field can be a … [Continue Reading]


Image Editing 1

Image Editing Before digital photography came along, and people photographed only on film, besides knowledge of light exposure of the film material, one also had to understand the different properties of this material. One also had to know the operation and application possibilities of the various types of photo paper. When people made their own prints, they also needed to have … [Continue Reading]


Colors of Nature

  Being a part. Nature photography is all, more or less, going out there and being a part of the natural world. When doing photography of nature it is useful to completely plunge yourself in what you are doing. To do that, you have to observe the techniques that are needful to systematically turn out with quality images & explore the locations that will attract the viewer most, the … [Continue Reading]


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