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Embrace Black and White Photography

Inspiring Black and white photography has been a formidable force in the artistic realm for many years. This art form is nothing short of inspiring, ranging from all different subjects and genres. If you have an eye for detail you have a distinct appreciation for black and white photography. Many people consider this approach to taking pictures to be extremely challenging. It takes a talented … [Continue Reading]


White Balance and Sharpening

White Balance Most people don't realize what difference light sources make in photography until they see the results--and then wonder why the picture looks absolutely nothing like what they remember pointing the camera at. Light has color Light of various temperatures is associated with a temperature in Kelvin. For example, a candle is about 1500 K, a standard light bulb about 3400 K, and … [Continue Reading]


Understanding the Histogram

  Imagine, for a moment, if we could do a statistical analysis on a digital photo. We would want some way to count how many dots of each color there are in agiven picture. And, once we had that count, we would want to chart it somehow, so we could see at a glance how those dots compare against each other. This chart could show us whether our picture was washed out or too dark before we … [Continue Reading]


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